My first interests were in collective behaviour and cybernetics. Hence my passion for Apis mellifera. I spent years discovering means of information flow within a decentralised system along with trade-offs between gathering energy and information at the individual and group level.

Later I also investigated visual learning and spatial behaviour in Mus musculus and helped to reveal how the interplay between discrimination and learning governs goal-directed choice and how grid cell activity can be linked to path integration.

More recently I studied the stress response of Danio rerio and produced first time evidence of fast regulatory actions by pituitary corticotroph cells, among several other findings. I also produced a repertoire of novel tests and tools for in vivo imaging and non-invasive optogenetics.

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Apis mellifera, Mus musculus and Danio rerio

At LJMU my lab targets the development and integration of behaviour. You can learn more about our interests here.